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I am a believer in only the truth happens. I have been watching and studying and have found your family to be the truth. I yearn to continue growing in the knowledge and power of the truth.

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Tonya L Wilson
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tonyalevette17 commented on an ad
Hello family, my government name is Tonya Wilson I live in Montgomery Alabama. I have been watching and following Watchman reports and redirecting since last summer. I have found the information to be very enlightening and have repurposed my life to serve the most high.
Earlier this year around March my grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As you can understand this news was devastating to me because this is the only grandmother I have ever known. My mother's mother died when my mother was 8 years old. I have volunteered to care for my grandmother in her final time and will encourage her to the best of my ability. is as young children my brother and I would come to Alabama for the summer and spend time with Grandma. I have special memories of going in the fields with her Gathering vegetables as well as getting fruits off the tree and eggs out of the hen house, that was 40 years ago. I asked Grandma recently why she didn't continue growing her own vegetables and raising her own livestock and her reply was it got to be too much work and she couldn't do it by herself. My grandmother has given me permission to refurbish the land and cultivate it. However, coming from Waco Texas I would need a helping hand starting the work.I, myself am on a fixed income and would appreciate any seeds and advice. I'm not sure how many acres of land we have but I will make good use of it. My 3 year old daughter planted lemon seeds and when they get big enough we will transpot them in Grandma's yard.
Shalom family.