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A good way to organized and build a community within this online network, for use in the real world, would be to: - Create a means of consolidating and making known whom is from where (country, state, city).  Therefore, we could reach out to those of like
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CLICK HERE TO VIEW COLLABORATIONS Shalom family,This is just a quick note to let you all know that we have the collaboration function enabled on the site. We have listed some of the projects we've talked about in our broadcast that you may be interest
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European Society For this assignment you will delve deep to develop understanding of the Europeans from the Modern Era to their claims in the western world which have led to global dissension. Discuss the powerful movements that transformed European societ
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New! Who Doesn't Love Giveaways! Win a Free White Rose Perfume Oil No Purchase is Necessary! This giveaway you have the opportunity to win one as a gift for yourself or a last minute gift! Many chances to win and some entries can be done daily to increase
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Open air math helps parents to have a more interactive session with the children. There is no paper or pencil involved only your brains. Students are asked to listen to a math problem and make an attempt to solve it in their heads before giving their answe
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