Shalom - I am 78 a year old Israelite woman, (mother, grandmother and great grandmother) who came into this knowledge through a spiritual experience, although at the time I did not fully understand what it meant.   Our Creator not only saved me from my sins, He literally rescued me from possible death back in 1992---and physically healed me of several different ailments since then.  He literally intervened in my life and delivered me from cigarettes--tangiible proof is that I no longer smoke cigarettes.  I was smoking almost two packs a day when this happened.  At that time, the Holy Spirit led me to read the bible, and the more I read, the more happened in that place. I didn't think I was working with a full deck before that--but during that experience I was certain I had gone all the way "around the bend."  This, from someone who did not believe the Creator was real.  Since I believe knowledge is worthless unless acted upon, I began searching for what the Holy Spirit showed me and actually connected with some other believers in 2018 and began to acquire more understanding.  Based on personal experiences with the medical complex and the untimely death of my mother in 2011, I made a decision to come off all medications and rely (as much as possible) on clean water, herbs and alkaline food, actually on what the Torah tells us to eat.  I have a small urban garden (city), along with many pots, grow bags, etc that I use to grow food and herbs. Although small, my little garden has fed many a neighbor!! I study and "research herbs and herbal recipes quite a lot, looking for herbal remedies for various ailments suffered by members of our family, relatives and friends."---so much so, my children say I have these herbs "on the brain."  The bottom line here is:  I absolutely believe Dr. Sebi, Dr. Christopher, Dr. Anderson, and Dr. Schulze -- they all wrote "there is no incurable disease" and since I seem to be the only person interested in subject in my family, perhaps I will be the "book" that they read.  I still have a lot to learn however about everything:  now that our Creator is making us aware of Who we are, I am interested to know the PATH FORWARD, ACCORDING TO THE WORD--and not waste time looking back, and blaming others.  In other words, I don't want to make the same mistakes our foreparents made--I want to be obedient to everything the Creator commanded us to do in the Torah and honor the whole Word.  Therefore, my search is on for an intensive bible study with an equally intensive prayer component with people who value both.

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