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YaHuWaH willing, based on the conference call, we would like to do our self sustaining manual. I thought this would be a good idea however I need help. Each week (starting this week YaHuWaH willing) would be a new subject that we as a community would research and write an article (or gather information) and post them the collaboration tab under self sustaining manual. Once this information is gathered, YaHuWaH willing, we will put it all together (in 4 week intervals) in order to get the information to our family. Here is the schedule (YaHuWaH willing) of the information that will be gathered. Let us start this on Monday June 13 2016:


June 13- 17:Raising Live-stalk

June 19-24: Purifying water

June 26- July 1: How to store food (roots, fresh, can, etc)

July 3- July 8: How to create electricity from home 

End of first session:

July 10- July 15: How to store water

July 17 July 22:  How to build eco friendly homes/ environmentally friendly living

July 24- July 29: plant identification/ plants for common ailments

July  31- August 5: irrigation information/ seed saving 

End of Second Session

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  •  Calisse777: 
    Shalom! I know that I am late to this project, but I believe that there is much knowledge I can add. I have lived off the grid & off the land most of my life and strive to minimize my negative impact on this world. I would be happy to help in any way I can.
    Blessing from YAH,
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  •  ValeriYah: 
    Place the tablets in the water. If your tablets or drops came with instructions, follow these now. In general, you will want to use one tablet for each quart or liter of water you wish to purify. Be aware that these tablets generally have an expiration date. If you use them after this date, they are much less likely to be effective. Always check the bottle before using these tablets. Mix the tablets into the water until they dissolve. They must be completely dissolved so that they can mix most effectively with the water you are purifying. Wait 30 minutes before drinking the water, as the tablets need that time to effectively kill any bacteria in the water.[11]
    You should also be aware that tablets are generally less effective in water that is very cold. If the water is 40 degrees F (4 degrees C), you should wait at least an hour after the tablets have dissolved before drinking the water. You can place the water in the sun to warm it up before using the tablets if you have the time to do so.[12]
    To lessen the strange taste the tablets give the water, add flavoring to the water (if it is available to you.) Powdered lemonade mixes or a pinch of salt will mask the tablet flavor. pt12
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  •  ValeriYah: 
    Using Purification Tablets:
    Use purification tablets or drops. You can purchase these drops or tablets at sporting goods and adventure stores. Keep in mind that this is not the best tasting method, but protection from bacteria is worth a bitter taste in your mouth.[9]
    Iodine tablets are the most commonly sold purifying tablets, but you can also use chlorine tablets with the same result. These tablets are most effective when the water you are purifying is 68 degrees F (21 degrees C) or higher. These chemical tablets will kill bacteria living in your water. These tablets are most often used by campers in the wilderness.
    Pregnant women, women over 50, and people with thyroid problems or taking Lithium should consult with a doctor before using iodine tablets. Strain the water if it has large particles floating around in it. You can do this by pouring the water through a cloth and into the bottle or container that you will be purifying your water in. The cloth acts as a strainer that removes the particles floating in the 11
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  •  ValeriYah: 
    Try out a gravity fed purifier. These are filters like the ones used by Brita and PUR. As the name suggests, these filters use gravity to pull the dirty water through a filter and into the reservoir that contains clean water. To use this purifier, all you have to do is pour unpurified water into the dirty water section, and wait until all of the water has run through the filter. Often, these filters will have two sections--one for dirty water, and the other for clean.
    These filters are best used at home or at a campsite as they are generally pretty large and would be a pain to tote around in the wilderness. pt 10
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  •  ValeriYah: 
    Buy a water bottle with a built in purifier. You can now buy water bottles that have their own filters already built in. These work much like the pumps in that they run the water through a filter before dispensing the water into the bottle.Use an ultraviolet purifier. These purifiers are very easy to use-- you simply stick the pen of the lamp into the water, wait for the light on the side of the pen to turn green, and then stir the pen around in the water until the light turns off. The UV rays kill any bacteria living in the water so that your water becomes safe to drink.
    Keep in mind that this purifier doesn’t filter out the now deceased bacteria, but despite their continued presence in your water, they are not dangerous anymore. pt9
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