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I have written the introduction and developed some interview questions for assessing natural hair from the black male's perspective. Please feel free to add questions or information so that we can develop this for use by everyone who wants to interview a male:



Oftentimes, the black male’s opinion about natural hair will have a greater impact on a female’s decision to go natural than any other factor. This is the case whether the male is her husband who has the final authority on her decision, a current or potential mate whom she is trying to impress, or a father, brother, or other male relative who has a high level of influence over her life. Let’s face it, we all want to feel attractive and desired by the opposite sex. And, as females we often take great measures to ensure that this happens regardless of how it impacts our lives.

The beauty industry has been able to feed us many lies because of our innate instinct to please our male counterparts. In doing so, many rumors and innuendos have been spread about how black men feel about natural hair. Some of the reports are true and some of them are not. Therefore, it is essential that we understand how the black male actually feels about black women sporting their natural hair from them. The following narratives address how different black males from various cultural backgrounds feel about natural hair. Some of them may just surprise you:

Interview Questions

1.     What is your name?

2.     Where are you from?

3.     What is your age?

4.     What is your marital status?

5.     What is your definition of natural hair?

6.     How do you feel about natural hair on a black female?

7.     Why do you feel the way you about natural hair on black females?

8.     How you feel about black women wearing relaxers, weaves, wigs, and other forms of chemical treatments and extensions for the hair?

9.     How do the majority of your female relatives style their hair?

10.  How do you prefer your wife or partner to wear or style her hair?

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