I started my natural hair journey in 2010. I was diagnosed with Ovarian in 2009 and had surgery in January of 2010.  I started chemotherapy treatment (CT) after I healed from the surgery. 

The chemicals used in my treatment were the kind that causes complete hair loss. After my first couple of treatments I felt my scalp begin to tingle and my head became extremely tender. Then I started combing out literally gobs and gobs of my hair. This went on for over a week or two. My husband and I finally just came to the conclusion to just shave my head and speed along the inevitable. I had a lot of hair!

I was now completely bald! So I did what any other completely bald woman would do in this kind of situation; I went wig shopping. I had few good laughs (I tried on all kinds of wigs and most of them looked RIDICULOUS), I had a lot of fun.

The heavenly father was with me through the entire process as losing all my hair really did not phase me one bit. When I completed the CT treatment (total remission) and my hair finally started to grow back I decided to just go natural and began wearing my hair in braids. I really did not know how to take proper care of my hair. I washed too often and my hair became very dry and crunchy but it grew back. 

Fast forward to 2014 (September) and the cancer tumors came back. I went through more CT and same as before, lost all of my hair. I was completely bald AGAIN! This time we shaved my head right away. I figured why put myself through the discomfort, etc.

The difference this time around was that my daughter, ValeriYah, had started her natural hair journey. She was doing research on how to properly care for our hair type. She began making her own organic hair products and she taught me how to take care of my hair properly.  She introduced me to co-washing, shae butter, aloe vera gel, flax seed gel and so much more.

Fast forward to the present. The manifestation of my healing is happening. Halleluyah! I have been taking very good care of my hair and I've had great results. My hair is easy to manage, soft, shiny and healthy. It's growing!

I have truly loved going natural. I should have done this a long time ago! I cant wait for my hair to grow long enough to place into flat twists, bantu knots,  etc. etc. etc. Being natural is very freeing. It saves me money and time. I love being a natural woman!

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    Wow Sis. Lisa. Great story of triumph.
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    I love your story. It is very inspiring and touching. I am standing with you in prayer that The Most High has completely healed you of cancer and that you are free from it's affects. Love you my dear sister.
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