(this is for the natural and health section of the book. It should , YaHuWaH willing, go well with mama's peice exposing the particular chemicals in the hair care products)


are you willing to die to look white : cancer causing chemicals found in black hair care products

In this world of information new things are being discover on a daily basis that literally turn our world upside down. From learning of the horrors of aspertain, msg,carogeenen and high fructose corn syrup to discovering revolutionary truths such as the letter J not existing in biblical times. Either way we see that our government cares very little (if at all) of the lives (both physically and spiritually) of its citizens particularly African Americans and other ethnic minorities. Well here is another truth which will make your hair fall out... literally. 

In two recent studies one done at Loma Linda University in November 2015 and the other with researchers from Harvard Medical school in 2011 show beyond a shadow of a doubt the connection between black hair care products and the increase risk of breast cancer in African American women. In fact even though black women are not diagnosed with breast cancer the most we tend to die from it the most. Furthermore blacks (and very poor minorities) are more likely to be exposed to the artificial chemicals which are linked to increase cancer risk called endocrine disrupting chemicals. These chemicals can be found in almost every product; from lumber, to household furniture, to tap water,  to food cans, to water bottles, to baby formula, to lotion, to deodorant, and of course to hair care products. One of the main reasons why blacks are overly exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals is because THEY have over-flooded the community with products saturated with them. not only that but THEY chemically manipulate certain products in order to force us to conform to the dominate way of thinking. In our context, white america and corporations aligned with white America have crafted particular hair care products loaded with these chemicals (not concerned in the least for the people whose health is then compromised due to said chemicals) in order to cause black women to comply with European notions of beauty.

These studies looked at popular products like perms, creams, root simulators, oils, conditioners, and relaxers. All of these hair care products found in stores- especially those damaging the scalp such as the perms and relaxers- are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals. The study done in 2015 goes on to say that this is a major reason why black women are getting breast cancer at younger ages. Furthermore the 2015 study states that all of these risks are increased when heat is added into the mix. 
This is not just unique to the adults but also to the children. We all know that exposure to 'hair crack' starts when we are in elementary school. If you were not exposed to the hair crack no doubt that you were exposed to the oil (which most likely was not a pure oil like 100 percent coconut oil but some chemical oil mixture obtained in the stores) and the hot comb. The doctors from Harvard medical school in the 2011 study focused specifically on children and found the same results. Not only were children overly exposed to these endocrine disrupting chemicals which increases their risk of breast cancer but also is connected with girls starting the menstrual cycle at earlier ages. 
So called black women and man wake up! The are killing our minds by forcing us to conform to their standards of beauty, they are killing our bodies by exposing us to chemicals every chance they get, and most importantly they are killing our souls by causing us to forget who our Most High YaHuWaH is and who we are to HIm. 
We cannot force you to leave these products behind, all we can to is give you the information and pray to the Most High YaHuWaH that His will be done. We love you sista's natural or not but please hear us out, and don't let them kill you because you want to try to be something you are not. 
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  •  Merrillca: 
    Thanks for the information pray for me that the most high will give me the strength to leave these products behind.
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  •  Aviyah: 
    Well said. This was a very informative post. If you weren't aware of the goings on of this corrupted world, then this would be an eye opener towards added research.
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  •  BNoble: 
    Well done and very informative! We definitely need to get this out to our brothers and sisters, and realize its urgency.
     11.04.20161 replies1 replies 
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  •  Reesy: 
    Well done! I've added to our book submissions.
     10.04.20161 replies1 replies 
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  •  Yahuah: 
    Very Informative, 5 Stars, I Like, This Seem To Be The Turning Point Of The Book,Turning The Hearts Back To The Father Yahuah, Self Love Instead of Self Hate, The MisEducation Of Judah, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth Yahuah, she shall be praised
     07.04.20161 replies1 replies 
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