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       In order to help you on your journey to pursuing nappyness here are a few recipes that helped us get our hair back on the natural track. These recipes were inspired by many folks on YouTube, Pinterest, and other public forums. A few specific individuals are; Girls Love Your Curls (youtube), Green Beauty Channel ( youtube), Kimmay tube (youtube), Hey Fran Hey (youtube), Mahogany Curls (youtube), My Natural Sistas (youtube), Naptural 85 (youtube), Black Girl with Long Hair (Pinterest), Pink Chocolate (Pinterest), and Black Hair cc (Pinterest). Follow us on Youtube and Pinterest in order to get more information and inspiration for your Pursuit of Nappyness.


Whipped Shea:

After washing your hair add some whipped shea in order to help seal in that good ole’ H2O while giving further moisture from the items in this butter.



            ½ cup of Shea Butter (slightly melted,  texture should be a slightly squishy block)

            ¼ cup of Coconut oil (room temperature.. if you do not like coconut oil Caster is

a good alternative)     

¼ cup of Olive Oil (or another light oil of your choice)

            ½ teaspoon of Argon oil

            2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin

            ½ teaspoon of vitamin E

            10 drops of essential oil (I like to do a combo of rosemary and sweet orange)




Combined all ingredients in a bowl starting in the order that the ingredients were listed. Then take your blender and blend until whipped :D . Please note do not let the coconut oil get too liquidy because this will cause a light cream rather than a thick whipped butter.



Oil Bath:

After letting your hair sit for 10 min or so- in order to allow some of that whipped shea to get into your hair strands- then use the oil bath to help seal everything in. A little of this goes a long way, personally I use this to help with styling… putting this on my hair then tying it up with a scarf helps produce a finished look.



          Use your favorite oils… about three

                   Olive Oil

                   Avocado Oil

                   Coconut Oil




          Combined all oils into a container stir! (or shake … whichever is your preference :D )




Acid-Tastic pH spray:

This is used in order to seal up your hair follicles after you have washed your hair, applied your butter and your oil. This is great to use throughout the week to keep your hair hydrated.


Ingredients: (measurements are based on the spray bottle you will be using)

          Water (if you have a device that gives you acidic water then use that)

          Aloe Vera Juice

          A light oil (olive oil or sunflower oil)

          A heavy oil (Jamaican Black Caster oil or Caster oil)

          10 drops of Essential oil (whichever you like best… I like rosemary and

                                                 sweet orange :D )



          Fill up half of your bottle with water

          Fill up a third of the remaining space with aloe vera juice

          Fill up a fourth of the remaining space with your light oil

          With the bit of space remaining divide it into two equal parts

                                      One part filled with your heavy oil and 10 drops of E.O.

                                      The other part is left alone for air, in order to allow room

                                        for shaking.


Flaxseed Gel:

Great styling product which will add a polish to any twist or braid out. This is also a great alternative to other store bought gels.



                   1/3 cup of Flaxseed (really cheap)

                   1/3 cup of water

                   One cheesecloth (or an old stoking or sock)




          Bring water to a boil then place flaxseed in pot. Lower water and stir mixture frequently. The gel is done when the water becomes thick and gel like. A good test is to lift up your spoon and see if it sticks to the spoon and is a stringy gel texture. The process takes anywhere from 15- 25 min depending on your stove. Once finished string the flaxseed from the gel via cheesecloth. This is a very slow process, so be warned. To speed it up squeeze the mixture to drain the gel, however DO NOT DO THIS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. Please use something like tongs or rubber mittens in order to do this process, remember the mixture is hot. After this set mixture in the fridge to cool down. If you would like feel free to add a light oil or a few drops of essential oil (E.O) however the mixture is good as is.



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