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  •  Yahalomit: 
    Hi Deborah Yah, thanks for sharing your story. This is such a great idea because for so many women self esteem goes hand in hand with how she feels about her hair. The confidence a woman has in her hair definitely reflects on the inner being (It is our crowning glory). I have noticed such a positive reaction from some people when I wear my afro, especially impressionable, young men. This young man approached me and my daughter in law (who is also natural) and said "I love your hair, you don't see women confident enough to wear their hair natural." Another said, "you look fabulous." it is a statement that you are comfortable with your heritage, especially in light of the racial undertones of a society that isn't comfortable when we embrace our ethnicity. For me, going natural was just a part of the spiritual/physical changes I have made in this walk. I have even come to acknowledge my gray hair and that was really a hurdle for me. The scripture says gray hair represents wisdom and why shouldn't I be proud of that? It is a testament to Yah, how He changes you when you totally give up your will and submit to His will for your life. HalleluYah!
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  •  ValeriYah: 
    Wonderful! All praise to YaHuWaH !! Abba YaHuWaH willing I will begin to catalogue this information.
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  •  Carmelayahu: 
    Thanks for sharing your story. I've always been an unusual person. My mother died when i was 3 so i was raised by an abusive father and on weekends i spent quality time with my grandma and her friends. I had no friend so i loved learning from the thing tey taught me was to be happy with my looks and hair. Mrs. Jean use to always tell me how perfect Yah had made me. I love her for that. So i never had weave issues or problem with hebrew men's thoughts about me.
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  •  Trecey920: 
    The struggle is real when it comes to choosing what is best for our hair. great story Sis DeBorahYah I have a video that I will share on my pg about why I went natural
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  •  Tehillah: 
    Thank you for sharing your hair journey with us. I too struggled for year with letting go of the perms, wigs and extensions. It was hard to transition to my natural hair because of the industry I was in... especially since I also had a Hair Line Distributorship and had to wear my extensions for demonstrations. (You got to be a product of the product right?). You see I was and still am a hair stylist and the struggle is real. The hair industry thrives on the European standard of beauty and for a long time natural hair care was very unnatural indeed. I share the same history of struggling to conquer my fears being accepted. So I adapted to the worlds standard of beauty and fried it, dyed it and laid it to the side too, until one day I realized all the abuse to my hair was causing female pattern baldness. I thought to myself why is there even such a thing as female pattern baldness. That is definitely not natural. At that point my hair thinned so bad that you could see my scalp. I used to joke that my hair was so thin I didnt need a blow dryer all I had to do was blow a few breaths on it to dry. I took the natural leap in 2010 and absolutely love it. Having my hair locked was so liberating inspite of the critism I received from every one around me including my husband. He wanted me wearing long wavy blond hair which totally rejected my natural beauty. I began to bombard him pictures of beautiful wimen with locks and say wow isn't she beautiful and look at her hair, those locks are so long and healthy. Eventually that changed his percerception of natural hair and he finally said he didnt care what I did to it. I hurried up and locked it with the quickness before he changed his I love my natural hair and it has grown so much (just wouldnt grow without breaking and thinning before) and thickened tremendously... no more balding. HalleluYah!
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