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  •  MelaninImIn: 
    Beautiful models, although I must agree that facial expressions speak volumes; and I would much rather see a "happy I'm nappy" smile on this lovely woman's face. Also, having a number of models may be a plus too...imho.
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  •  Reesy: 
    Maybe images of more than two models to show different natural styles. Looks good though.
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Shalom,I like it. To be natural should be just that natural. Sofia smile looks so beautiful.(sorry if that's not sophiyah they all look alike) the older women looks unhappy and so serious. In this western culture we are taught that black hair is ugly and shameful. We now know the truth and should rejoice over it! Let the women smile because she is happy with her Yah given hair, just like how sofiayah is smiling:)
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  •  tbrogan: 
    I love the words, logo and captions. But, I don't think that this woman is a good representative for natural hair. She doesn't appear to be happy to me. Her look is so serious. I think we should use a photo of someone who looks happier because the book is about promoting natural hair. I have a few images of women with natural hair that I will email to you. Maybe we can try the cover with different models and see which one works best.
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  •  acalloway: 
    I like It. "Our Pony Tales" is very creative. Are you going to change the "Y" in nappyness to "I" ?
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