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Pursuit of Nappyness - Book Cover Sample. What are your thoughts on this proposed book cover? The image of the woman is a royalty free image along with the afro icon.  All things that need to be considered when publishing a book.
Posted Mar 15, 2016 · by admin ·
Hi Team, I have written the introduction and developed some interview questions for assessing natural hair from the black male's perspective. Please feel free to add questions or information so that we can develop this for use by everyone who wants to interview a male:   Introduction Oftentimes, the…
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Posted Feb 29, 2016 · by tbrogan ·
I started my natural hair journey in 2010. I was diagnosed with Ovarian in 2009 and had surgery in January of 2010.  I started chemotherapy treatment (CT) after I healed from the surgery.  The chemicals used in my treatment were the kind that causes complete hair loss. After my first couple of treat…
Category: Family  Tags: pofn 
Posted Apr 04, 2016 · by lisa ·
PON Marketing Meeting Minutes 4/3/2016AGENDABook Trailer / Commercial The script should basically consist of bullet points from narratives, etc and is due by 4/15Writer - LisaWriter - ValeriYahVideo Footage - Due 4/30 Video footage for the trailer/commercial needs to be turned in to Deborah Yah by 4…
Posted Apr 04, 2016 · by lisa ·
Please check you spam folders to make sure you are not missing site mail.  Also, when sending mail from within the site, please make sure to check the boxes underneath so that your message also goes to the recipients regular email account, for faster responses.  Anyone wishing to using the notes sys…
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Posted Feb 24, 2016 · by admin ·
Here's a video that I share my information on. I hope that this video works well. Please watch. Feel free to use this video in the vlogs, documentaries.
Category: Personal  Tags: natural hair 
Posted Feb 26, 2016 · by Trecey920 ·
I decided to do the big chop in 2007 about eight months after the birth of my daughter. I haven’t looked back since. A few years prior to my decision to stop using relaxers, I had toyed with the idea of going natural for quite some time.   During my late teens and early twenties, I was like the ave…
Category: Personal  Tags: natural hair journey 
Posted Feb 29, 2016 · by tbrogan ·
  This is how to charge your phone with a mud oven. Examining the science, politics and solutions of climate change. Posted by BBC World Service on Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Category: Other Video  Tags: electricity mud africa ingenuity 
Posted Mar 07, 2016 · by admin ·
Shalom, my journey with my natural hair began as a personal and spiritual journey.   My Natural Hair Journey   Know Thyself, you come from a long line of strength, honor, beauty and intellect.   I have been natural and relaxer-free for more than a year now; my journey began not necessarily because o…
Category: Personal  Tags: my natural hair journey 
Posted Mar 07, 2016 · by Yahalomit ·