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Pursuit of Nappyness - Book Cover Sample. What are your thoughts on this proposed book cover? The image of the woman is a royalty free image along with the afro icon.  All things that need to be considered when publishing a book.
Posted Mar 15, 2016 · by admin ·
I just joined the site. As I was looking through the 'files' section, I noticed (refreshingly) that there is a LOT available for our children. To that end, I have a question...should my daughter log in through my account or is it okay for her to make her own account?    Thank you so much in advance …
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Posted Mar 09, 2016 · by mzunderstood2u ·
  India's solar entrepreneurs What do a 15-year old girl and a Delhi CEO have in common? They're both bringing solar power to the masses in India.Also Watch: India's solar-powered airport is the world's first Posted by Al Jazeera English on Sunday, February 21, 2016
Category: Business Other Video  Tags: solar power 
Posted Mar 08, 2016 · by admin ·
  India's Menstruation Man In a world where millions of women can't afford safe menstrual hygiene, one man goes on a quest to make the perfect sanitary pad. His neighbours called him a pervert and his wife left him, but he never gave up. He is India's Menstruation Man.Find out more about his s…
Posted Mar 08, 2016 · by admin ·
Shalom, my journey with my natural hair began as a personal and spiritual journey.   My Natural Hair Journey   Know Thyself, you come from a long line of strength, honor, beauty and intellect.   I have been natural and relaxer-free for more than a year now; my journey began not necessarily because o…
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Posted Mar 07, 2016 · by Yahalomit ·
  This is how to charge your phone with a mud oven. Examining the science, politics and solutions of climate change. Posted by BBC World Service on Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Category: Other Video  Tags: electricity mud africa ingenuity 
Posted Mar 07, 2016 · by admin ·
Chance to Win Free Video for your Business or Product My name is Patricia A. Smith. I am fifty-nine years old.  I am the eldest of nine children to a now deceased mother. My mother was illiterate.  Before i was born YHWH had His Almighty hand on me. My grandmother was a self determined sing…
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Posted Mar 01, 2016 · by admin ·
Our family is looking to move down south and we have narrowed it down to four states. Tennessee, Kentucky North and South Carolina. We are from up north in PA and NY so if anyone could give some advice about what areas are good in these states it would be great. We want a place with acreage and easy…
Category: Personal  Tags: new home growing food 
Posted Mar 01, 2016 · by Kiyah2879 ·
tried to begin last year but was extremely unsuccessful. because we are constantly moving.  MOST HIGH willing will try again once we relocate.  want cucumbers, tomatoes squash, greens, lettuce etc. 
Category: Other  Tags: gardening 
Posted Feb 29, 2016 · by pattysmith7768 ·
Hi Team, I have written the introduction and developed some interview questions for assessing natural hair from the black male's perspective. Please feel free to add questions or information so that we can develop this for use by everyone who wants to interview a male:   Introduction Oftentimes, the…
Category: Other  Tags: natural hair journey 
Posted Feb 29, 2016 · by tbrogan ·