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Here's a video that I share my information on. I hope that this video works well. Please watch. Feel free to use this video in the vlogs, documentaries.
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Posted Feb 26, 2016 · by Trecey920 ·
Chance to Win Free Video for your Business or Product My name is Patricia A. Smith. I am fifty-nine years old.  I am the eldest of nine children to a now deceased mother. My mother was illiterate.  Before i was born YHWH had His Almighty hand on me. My grandmother was a self determined sing…
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Posted Mar 01, 2016 · by admin ·
I do not know much but YaH willing here is what I know:   The 'star of david' should be called YaHushua's Calling Card. We see it a few times in the standard 66's most notably during the birth of our MessiYaH YaHushua, but the place in the script that really shows the magnificence of this event in…
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Posted May 23, 2018 · by ValeriYah · in Groups
Our family is looking to move down south and we have narrowed it down to four states. Tennessee, Kentucky North and South Carolina. We are from up north in PA and NY so if anyone could give some advice about what areas are good in these states it would be great. We want a place with acreage and easy…
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Posted Mar 01, 2016 · by Kiyah2879 ·