Hello family.  This is our JULY 2019 Seed Vault Give Away for the Daughters of Zion AND SOS Project. Please reply to this post and let us know why your family should receive the seeds.  We will go through each entry and may our selection shortly.  Please note that you must register on the site in order to leave comments or participate. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  •  Darius: 
    Just wanted to let you know I received the seeds today. The bag is on my lap as I'm typing this. Thank you.
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  •  FamilyJewel: 
    Good day, my name is Jewel Belcher, I garden on my stepmom's .25 acre in Oakland, CA. I have plantings I've started from seeds saved from my organic fruits and vegetables(sugar snap peas, tomatoes, squash, and peppers), some nursery bought starts(zucchini, strawberry and echinacea), and some lemon balm from a plant exchange . I would really like to expand our food production and have healthy alternatives for myself in the treatment of MS and a thyroid condition for two. Please consider me as a recipient for the SOS Vault. I am unemployed for 3 years and no longer in entitlements programs. Shalom
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  •  CharlieSS: 
    Blessings. I remember back 3 years ago when Yahuah gave me a dream of warning wherein I saw military planes flying very low overhead and their engines were deafening. I remember standing by my pantry and turning to tell my husband that I should have planted as Yahuah told me. In that dream we the citizens were under a curfew and were not able to go out of our homes at will. This dream has stayed with me and I knew that something was coming. Fast forward to this year 5 months ago when Yahuah single-handedly brought me into his truths. I started my research and found your channels which have aided my family and me in studying and seek our Abba. Because of your videos of confirmation and the pressing in my spirit by Ruah HaQuodesh, we planted our first patio garden. We have 1 acre of land that our house sits on. We wanted to just have a hand at a trial garden that we can learn from and gain knowledge. We bought seeds and got to work. It's such a nice family expectation every morning for us to go out to water the plants, play worship music for them and catch those pesky bugs who are always at work. I have found such a wonderful feeling of purpose and reward. First for finally sending the fear of failure out the door and obeying the voice of Yahuah. Secondly, because it is delightful to see these seeds grow and mature. It's teaching us patience and joy. May Yahuah reward you greatly!
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  •  tonyalevette17: 
    Hello family, my government name is Tonya Wilson I live in Montgomery Alabama. I have been watching and following Watchman reports and redirecting since last summer. I have found the information to be very enlightening and have repurposed my life to serve the most high.
    Earlier this year around March my grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As you can understand this news was devastating to me because this is the only grandmother I have ever known. My mother's mother died when my mother was 8 years old. I have volunteered to care for my grandmother in her final time and will encourage her to the best of my ability. is as young children my brother and I would come to Alabama for the summer and spend time with Grandma. I have special memories of going in the fields with her Gathering vegetables as well as getting fruits off the tree and eggs out of the hen house, that was 40 years ago. I asked Grandma recently why she didn't continue growing her own vegetables and raising her own livestock and her reply was it got to be too much work and she couldn't do it by herself. My grandmother has given me permission to refurbish the land and cultivate it. However, coming from Waco Texas I would need a helping hand starting the work.I, myself am on a fixed income and would appreciate any seeds and advice. I'm not sure how many acres of land we have but I will make good use of it. My 3 year old daughter planted lemon seeds and when they get big enough we will transpot them in Grandma's yard.
    Shalom family.
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  •  Ardean: 
    Hello, my name is Ardean Clarke. I have been following some of Deborah's early videos on sustainability. Shortly after my eyes were open to the truth. This was in early summer 2018. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Deborah Yah and her family were following scripture. I have learned a lot and have been able to connect many dots about history and current events that were so baffling to me.
    I was injured on a deployment with the reserves. My primary job was a food inspector so I have been well aware of GMO's, Mosato, Big Pharma etc. Due to my injury I lost my civilian job, was homeless and am now on a fixed income.
    Needless to say I am on a fixed income. I have always had house plants but was not able to purchase any. I felt that plants would help me with my PTSD and Depression. On a whim about for years ago, I planted some Mexican dries pepper seeds. I really didn't expect much but the plants grew and I had sparse peppers. Since then I have learned about pruning and leggy seedlings. Actually reading scripture had me reconnect to gardening. I read scripture, view lessons, take notes, and research.
    . Oh, I do container gardening on my balcony and have been using the sky lights in my kitchen for starter seedlings. My mom has a small plot in her backyard so my daughter and I have made arrangements to clear out her space and help her grow her own food. She is doing diabetic and recently had issues with her kidneys. I am working to show my daughter what the different plants look like at Also, I started a compost bucket on my balcony a few years ago, have made use of cardboard boxes as makeshift raised beds.
    I would be appreciative of whatever assistance your family can provide. I know there are many in dier need, and I am just great full for this opportunity. The more I read scripture I am just happy to have found your ministry on YouTube. May YAH continue to bless/Barack you and your family.
    Thank you,
    Ardean Clarke
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Shalom Family
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