Hello family.  This is our March 2019 Seed Vault Give Away for the Daughters of Zion Project. Please reply to this post and let us know why your family should receive the seeds.  We will go through each entry and may our selection shortly.  Please note that you must register on the site in order to leave comments or participate. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  •  Rjohns39: 

    I may be a little late, but I truly hope I find favor in the site of Yah for him to grant us this opportunity.

    We've been waiting for our apartments to put up our privacy screens for us to get started on our garden this spring. I had to purge my last one due to relocation and start over. Now that we're settled and got our little back area fenced off, I'm ready to dig in but missing the most important part SEEDS!

    I dont have much money and my attempt to get good, nonGMO seeds for plants that won't kill us was in vain lol. Especially with the cost of all the other stuff it takes to get started and relocate. It would just truly be a blessing to not have to worry about this part.

    I pray that the Father sends us these if it be his will to do so. I can't wait to get it back up and running!

    Much love saints.
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  •  Tharrany: 
    Shalom everyone. I recently purchased my first 1.08 acres of land the past winter. I was encouraged to start gardening by you sister Deborah and another Israelite sister named Ms Shayla the Judean. The first video I seen that me encouraged me to start gardening is when you did a step by step tutorial on the eyes on the potatoes and cutting and planting. That was the first thing i had planted in my apartment. When I moved on my land it was the the middle of winter which was the beginning of February. My plants that had beautiful green leaves on them died over due to the harsh snow storm. One day I was cleaning up on my land and decided to tip over the bucket and to my surprise I harvested some potatoes. I was really happy and that encouraged me so much more to keep pushing forward. I would like to participate in the seed giveaway... And thank you for always sharing your garden it has inspired me to feed my family healthier all natural. And gardening has become one of my new hobbies blessings and Shalom
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  •  Bklifestyle: 
    My family has recently come into the truth within the last 4 months. This has been a life changing journey that we are blessed to be on. We are striving towards becoming self sufficient and having these seeds would bring us one step closer to our goal. I am a mother of 4 children all 6 and under. This would not only bless us, but would allow us time to spend teaching our children as well!
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  •  Preciouspt: 
    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love Yah and truly believe you are what you eat. I want to continue learning to plant and grow for good family and community nutrition. I believe in food for medicine and skin care. I want to teach my children and grandchildren as well in the way of the Hebrew family. I am a preaches daughter and most of my enlaws are Christian, I also use to sing professional gospel. I was abused by a church member who was a minister and was shun from ministry. I found Yahuah thru much prayer and fasting. If it wasn't for the garden that helped me with my healing and meditation and now I want to help others too. My husband and I watch you all every week. We love you & your family. Shalom
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  •  Pieceofheaven: 

    First and foremost, thank you for providing this opportunity! My family and l have been so blessed through the videos that you and your family post. I have been a little discouraged due to not having a whole lot of room to garden so seeing that I can start a garden by using grow bags has excited me so much! Gardening will be completely a new journey for me however, after coming into the truth I see how important it is to have my own! Seeing what you and your family have done with your garden I am SO inspired!
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