About Us
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12 Tribes Network is a member network consisting of the family of Yisrael. It is our goal to join
together in many collaborative efforts to help insure the spiritual growth and prospering of our
people. Our focus will be on empowering our people, with the help of the Most High in word and in
deed. We want to develop and grow business opportunities that will help our families in our quest
towards sustainable wealth and living. (Wealth is not always monetary gain but spiritual gain as well.

12 Tribes Academy is part of Virtue, Inc.'s (a non-profit organization) education initiative. We have
designed a supplemental, educational program tailored to those who wish to provide their child(ren)
with an afro-centric or Hebrew education. Our educational materials and products are designed and
published with people of color in mind. Our materials come in many forms including printed or
downloadable files (the most cost effective)

The educational standards employed by the public school system have not worked as evident by a
20/20 Special Stupid In America produced some time ago. We want to use this platform to educate
the whole family as it relates to the health, wealth and well being of the family of Yisrael.

Our unique educational strategy is not only doable and affordable but also very logical. Many times
we are duped into believing that a quality education must cost an arm and a leg in order to be
worthwhile. That is far from the truth as the Internet has free Googleable information that is just a
click away. We have devised a very simplistic, yet effective method of educating our children. Our
program can even be utilized as a distance learning option. By enrolling your child in Our Academy,
you will gain access to quality, educational materials that will greatly supplement or replace your
current program.

We believe that education starts from the moment of conception and that our children naturally
absorb information. As adults, we must direct them to the proper information and knowledge. With
our programs, parents take part in and nurture their child's education through choice. We will not
bombard students with endless, worthless concepts but rather provide them with essential, funda-
mental educational materials. From there, we will go beyond traditional, standard academics and
present course materials that will prove to be beneficial.

Disclaimer: Some states have more stringent requirements for home schooling materials. Therefore,
we ask that you familiarize yourself with your state laws and requirements. For the states that
require the use of textbooks this may only serve as supplemental material and not as replacement