I am interested in participating in the projects of Brother Yahu and Sister DeborahYah and submitting an entry in the natural hair journey book.

I do have talents that may contribute to the projects.

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Yes, I am ready. I always wanted to start a garden. Right now, the space is limited. I hope my green thumb in houseplants cross over to a vegetable garden. I'm watching Mama Bee's videos attentively for any of her gardening tips.:)
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Congratulations on your desire to embrace what is naturally you, I enjoyed the video, thank you.
Here's a video that I share my information on. I hope that this video works well. Please watch. Feel free to use this video in the vlogs, documentaries.
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Posted Feb 26, 2016 · by Trecey920 ·
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Hi Deborah Yah, thanks for sharing your story. This is such a great idea because for so many women self esteem goes hand in hand with how she feels about her hair. The confidence a woman has in her hair definitely reflects on the inner being (It is our crowning glory). I have noticed such a positive reaction from some people when I wear my afro, especially impressionable, young men. This young man approached me and my daughter in law (who is also natural) and said "I love your hair, you don't see women confident enough to wear their hair natural." Another said, "you look fabulous." it is a statement that you are comfortable with your heritage, especially in light of the racial undertones of a society that isn't comfortable when we embrace our ethnicity. For me, going natural was just a part of the spiritual/physical changes I have made in this walk. I have even come to acknowledge my gray hair and that was really a hurdle for me. The scripture says gray hair represents wisdom and why shouldn't I be proud of that? It is a testament to Yah, how He changes you when you totally give up your will and submit to His will for your life. HalleluYah!
I remember when I first decided to go natural with my hair. I had gotten fed up with the perm ritual and realized that something was wrong with applying something to your hair that could burn patches of flesh from your head. It just didn't seem right. I remember a little black girl who lived in one …
Posted Feb 26, 2016 · by admin ·
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My husband and I moved from Pennsylvania to Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm no longer there but I spent a little over ten years there. The homes in the city are beautiful, but mostly on the high end. There is plenty of farmland to choose from and the people were very nice. I loved North Carolina while I was there, the weather is beautiful, but very hot(Humid) in the summer. Durham, North Carolina and North Raleigh is the high crime area there, Durham is 30 minutes away from Raleigh. If you enjoy a slow pace, a very clean city, a mall on every corner and beautiful wall to wall sunshine Raleigh, North Carolina is nice. I, of course wanted more sun and the beach, so I went further south to Florida. :) ps.. The traffic is very busy!
Our family is looking to move down south and we have narrowed it down to four states. Tennessee, Kentucky North and South Carolina. We are from up north in PA and NY so if anyone could give some advice about what areas are good in these states it would be great. We want a place with acreage and easy…
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Posted Mar 01, 2016 · by Kiyah2879 ·
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Shalom, my journey with my natural hair began as a personal and spiritual journey.   My Natural Hair Journey   Know Thyself, you come from a long line of strength, honor, beauty and intellect.   I have been natural and relaxer-free for more than a year now; my journey began not necessarily because o…
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Posted Mar 07, 2016 · by Yahalomit ·