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Shalom My name is ValeriYah and I am 22 years old and am about to graduate from college. The Most High YaHuWaH has delivered me in marvelous fashion and continues to do so every day. As a graduating senior a major question has been hanging over my head, ' How will I make a living'? During my time a...
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19.08.2016 · From ValeriYah
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Valerie cordier- rice
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I do not know much but YaH willing here is what I know:   The 'star of david' should be called YaHushua's Calling Card. We see it a few times in the standard 66's most notably during the birth of our MessiYaH YaHushua, but the place in the script that really shows the magnificence of this event in…
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Posted May 23, 2018 · by ValeriYah · in Groups
Selling Stock Footage:

I am currently attempting to sell my stock footage however I have not been having much success. The reason being is that my account is continually held up on the third party website, therefore preventing me from selling my work. I just sent them a message however I was wondering does anyone know how to sell stock footage independently?
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Pursuit of Nappyness collaboration admin has sent the following broadcast message:

All Praise to YaHuWaH!!! Please order your copy of the book at­/search.ep?keyWords=Pursu­it+of+Nappyness&type=­ (copy and paste link). Once ordered, please review with a very critical eye, making notes and comments on items that could be done better. YaHuWaH willing our agenda for this meeting would be as follows:

1. Review all items of concern (along with corrections)

2. Sign up all meeting members to website and social media sights

3. Solidify Book Release

4. Establish Book Release Marketing Timeline

5. Establish Book Release Prize (Gift Basket with Natural Hair goodies)

6. Solidify payment logistics for writers, producers, and market team members

7. Solidify payment procedure

8. Next steps/ projects-- YaHuWaH willing

9. Establish Business type ie (Co-Op, Incorporated, etc.)

YaHuWaH willing we really want a good turn out for this meeting - hence the many choices on the Poll. Please pick the day and time that works best for you, then leave a comment for listing your top three choices for meeting times.
With this project we wish to publish a book and create a video documentary (DVD) sharing our tales of so called black hair journeys.  Participants can either submit their written journal or video journal to have their story included in this hair project. All participants must have natural hair or tr…
33 members
online, United States
26.01.2016 · From admin
The Pursuit of Nappyness book is out for review!!!! Praise YaHuWaH!!!!! SOoooooooo excited!!! Please order your copy today (copy and paste link: YaHuWaH willing we will be having a meeting for the Pursuit of Nappyness team during the first week of December. Please see our poll for more information in regards to the meeting.
Help Needed with Thesis Statement-
I hope you all are enjoying your day off and I hope that this finds you all well. I am contacting you because I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. As you all know I am in my last semester at school and will be graduating in December, before I graduate I need to write a thesis statement on my area of study. I am an American Studies major with a focus on Medicine, Policy, and Food and am attempting to write a thesis paper on how assimilation-... see more and the loss of national origin- has caused major health problems in the black community specifically. I know this seems far fetch however there is a study called the Latino Paradox (check out this 1 min 40 second video talking about this that proves that the longer you are away from your country of origin and the more you assimilate into the host country the sicker you become. I have hit a road block because my thesis professor stated that I do not have a key text (she defines this as, "a primary source that you will either 'read' or rely on for vital evidence or make considerable reference to throughout your papers") along with my topic not being specific. Taking her advice I did my best to come up with a thesis that still focused on the topic above while giving her what she wanted, however she still turned it down. The thesis below is the latest draft and was rejected yesterday, and I need to have this solidified by Tuesday at the latest. I do not want anyone of you to think that I waited to the last minute but rather I have been working on her suggestions every day since the critic was given, I have just run into a rock and a hard place. You all know a lot on black history and I was wondering do you all know of any key text that would fit with the thesis below? Any book, or event, or anything that could work? If not do you know anyone who can help? I was discussing this with mama this morning and she reminded me that I could reach out and ask for help, I just wish I asked sooner. Thank you again for all that you all do and have a great day!

Thesis Statement: (I originally was using the Black Slave Narratives for the key text, however that was not good)

"Utilizing Black Slave narratives and anthropological research on the concept of national memory, this paper will analyze how assimilation has aided in the medical exploitation of poor African American Women from 1900- 1950. Causing an absence in the folk memory of poor African American Women in the 2000's surrounding the national origin or tribal origin of blacks along with the medical protocol of said tribes or nations. Such an absence can be seen in the mass interest black middle aged women have in shows such as; Finding your Roots, Black in America, and Dr. Oz which portray themselves as trustworthy, scientific sources able to fill in that missing folk memory surrounding national/tribal origin and unconventional medical protocols. This culminates into the miss-education of 12.3 % of the American population regarding their national/tribal origin and medical protocols due to the lack of folk memory of black women."
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Okay here is the link for tonights fellowship meeting:
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I pray you are doing well. I just wanted to send this quick message that YaHuWaH willing we will be re-vamping our Wednesday night chat. If it is YaHuWaH's will we will begin our conversation at 6:30pm PST and instead of using paltalk YaHuWaH willing we will be using a video chat service. If you do not have zoom please visit their website in order to download the free video chat program. A post will be made with the room link so that all you need to do is click on... see more it and that will take you to the room. The room will be open for an hour (software closes the room an hour after it is opened which would 7:30pm PST) and if the conversation lasts longer we will simply open up another room doing the same method. YaHuWaH willing we look forward to seeing you and many others in the room. This room is not for teaching it is simply a room to connect with one another and talk about what is going on in the world. Alright, love you and Shalom!!!
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LOL, YES!!!!
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I completely missed this post, we are in Northern California

A good way to organized and build a community within this online network, for use in the real world, would be to: - Create a means of consolidating and making known whom is from where (country, state, city).  Therefore, we could reach out to those of like