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All praises to the Most High for creating me to be a beloved woman of Zion, in whom I live and breathe.  I love the outdoors ( everything)!  The earth is the Father Yah"s and it is my joy to learn to plant seeds and take care of it and my temple.  In Yahusha's name. Shalom

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Penny Thompson
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Preciouspt commented on an ad
Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love Yah and truly believe you are what you eat. I want to continue learning to plant and grow for good family and community nutrition. I believe in food for medicine and skin care. I want to teach my children and grandchildren as well in the way of the Hebrew family. I am a preaches daughter and most of my enlaws are Christian, I also use to sing professional gospel. I was abused by a church member who was a minister and was shun from ministry. I found Yahuah thru much prayer and fasting. If it wasn't for the garden that helped me with my healing and meditation and now I want to help others too. My husband and I watch you all every week. We love you & your family. Shalom
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