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I am a former slave to the babylonian system and the demonic doctrines of religious constructs that choked my existence daily. I am free, my leb is liberated. I am a lover of Yahuah and my Hamaschiach Yahusha! I have newly learned about who I am and Who's I Am (2 yrs in) and I am having the greatest time of my life. I am joyfully and cheerfully married to a wonderful, caring, thoughtful man (married 14 years, have been faithfully committed to each other for 26 years.) I have 4 beautiful children, of whom I call my treasures, Eldest son Chris 31, graduate of Kutztown University, Musician, Christian (we call him Sean) graduate of Boys Latin HS, Army Vet 26, (praise YAH, he just finished his 6 year duty, Friday before National Guard deployment in Philly to combat protests concerning Mr Floyd's murder), Eldest daughter Sanaa HS senior,  and Baby Girl Aysha, rising middle schooler.  I am a home educator (online education) and have been for the past 15 years starting with when Sean was in 5th grade until high school but continued with our girls. I am and have always known that there was something different about me and halal YAHUAH, I now know. Everyday I wake up and Todah YAH, for life, love, peace, success as I level up continuously, YAH is tov!

I am continuously on this knowledge path working on "my salvation with fear and trembling." Phillippiym 2;12!

I am confident that I have been summoned by name, humbling myself, praying, seeking AbbiyYAH's panim, and I have turned from my wicked ways. Divrei Hayamiym Ri'shon 7:14!

Always be ready to give an answer to the question of who I am!

Chosen and Set Apart, Torah Life

"I am Hebrew by Blood, Israelite by Nation. I am a covenant keeper of The Most High YAHUAH whom honors an unbreakable covenant passed down from Avrhm, Yitschak, and Ya'acov, Y'srael forever and who has amunah in Hamaschiach YAHUSHA!!"

Todah & Barakah


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