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Stay at home, homeschooling Mother of 7 children.

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Blessings. I remember back 3 years ago when Yahuah gave me a dream of warning wherein I saw military planes flying very low overhead and their engines were deafening. I remember standing by my pantry and turning to tell my husband that I should have planted as Yahuah told me. In that dream we the citizens were under a curfew and were not able to go out of our homes at will. This dream has stayed with me and I knew that something was coming. Fast forward to this year 5 months ago when Yahuah single-handedly brought me into his truths. I started my research and found your channels which have aided my family and me in studying and seek our Abba. Because of your videos of confirmation and the pressing in my spirit by Ruah HaQuodesh, we planted our first patio garden. We have 1 acre of land that our house sits on. We wanted to just have a hand at a trial garden that we can learn from and gain knowledge. We bought seeds and got to work. It's such a nice family expectation every morning for us to go out to water the plants, play worship music for them and catch those pesky bugs who are always at work. I have found such a wonderful feeling of purpose and reward. First for finally sending the fear of failure out the door and obeying the voice of Yahuah. Secondly, because it is delightful to see these seeds grow and mature. It's teaching us patience and joy. May Yahuah reward you greatly!