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I was watching your video on YouTube, Sowing of Seeds.  I was lead to scripture and the truth shortly after searching videos about sustainability. Deborah Yah's video came up encouraging our community to plant our own foods. This was in the early summer of last year.  I  sowed some seeds from store brought peppers just on a whim. I have always had house plants but was injured in an accident while on deployment with my Reserve Unit. Long story short, I lost my civilian job, was homeless and had serious depression. Needless to say my income was and is limited. Of course this made it all but impossible to eat organic.

Studying with your ministry, reading scripture for myself and so many of the scripture that was taken out and omitted from the bible has been so very eye opening. The more I read the more I am encouraged to grow my own food. Even learning Hebrew words and noting the connection to agriculture the letters center around has increased my thoughts of growing food. I have just started growing in containers, have a small composte bin on my balcony and plan to start a garden at my moms home.

I would be very appreciative of what ever you may be able to contribute to my project.



Ardean Clarke

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Hello, my name is Ardean Clarke. I have been following some of Deborah's early videos on sustainability. Shortly after my eyes were open to the truth. This was in early summer 2018. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Deborah Yah and her family were following scripture. I have learned a lot and have been able to connect many dots about history and current events that were so baffling to me.
I was injured on a deployment with the reserves. My primary job was a food inspector so I have been well aware of GMO's, Mosato, Big Pharma etc. Due to my injury I lost my civilian job, was homeless and am now on a fixed income.
Needless to say I am on a fixed income. I have always had house plants but was not able to purchase any. I felt that plants would help me with my PTSD and Depression. On a whim about for years ago, I planted some Mexican dries pepper seeds. I really didn't expect much but the plants grew and I had sparse peppers. Since then I have learned about pruning and leggy seedlings. Actually reading scripture had me reconnect to gardening. I read scripture, view lessons, take notes, and research.
. Oh, I do container gardening on my balcony and have been using the sky lights in my kitchen for starter seedlings. My mom has a small plot in her backyard so my daughter and I have made arrangements to clear out her space and help her grow her own food. She is doing diabetic and recently had issues with her kidneys. I am working to show my daughter what the different plants look like at Also, I started a compost bucket on my balcony a few years ago, have made use of cardboard boxes as makeshift raised beds.
I would be appreciative of whatever assistance your family can provide. I know there are many in dier need, and I am just great full for this opportunity. The more I read scripture I am just happy to have found your ministry on YouTube. May YAH continue to bless/Barack you and your family.
Thank you,
Ardean Clarke